flexhead-facilityFor over 25 years, FlexHead® Industries has been manufacturing the highest quality products available for use in fire protection systems. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products for our customers.  FlexHead® was the pioneer in introducing flexible fire protection technology to the market over a quarter century ago.

Founded in 1992, FlexHead® Industries is dedicated to providing safe leading edge technologies that promote increased installation and maintenance of automatic sprinkler connections. FlexHead® is constantly improving and developing sprinkler connections to reduce installation, inspection, and relocation costs.

FlexHead® holds over fifty Factory Mutual approvals and several Underwriters Laboratories listings for flexible sprinkler connections. FlexHead® semiconductor products are currently protecting several major semiconductor plants with sprinkler connections. The FlexHead® product is the only flexible fire sprinkler fitting that has been through full seismic qualification testing using the “ICC AC-156 Seismic Qualification Testing of Non-Structural Components”.

Today, the FlexHead® commercial product protects commercial buildings including hospitals, schools, military bases, large retail projects, government buildings, airports and colleges and universities.

FlexHead® Industries manufactures and distributes fire sprinkler connections that are Factory Mutual Approved as well as UL listed and are produced in an FM and UL audited facility. In fact, the company manufactures the only seismically qualified flexible sprinkler connection successfully tested. Committed to the environment and green building principles, FlexHead® Industries supports LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles and USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) objectives.

By incorporating proprietary flexible stainless-steel hose technology with listed and approved sprinkler heads, the resulting connections simplify installation, inspection, maintenance, and relocation of automatic sprinklers. FlexHead® Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Cleanroom products can reduce the risk of loss of life and damage to property domestically and world-wide.

Flexhead is a part of Anvil International.

About Anvil International  Anvil International is one of the largest and most complete manufacturers of pipe fittings, pipe hangers and piping supports systems in the world. For more than 165 years, Anvil has provided the highest-quality pipe products and services with integrity and dedication to superior customer service. The company offers expertise and product solutions for a wide range of applications, from plumbing and mechanical, HVAC, industrial and fire protection, to mining and oil and gas. Anvil offers products and services worldwide.