Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, and Relocation

Designed to install in a fraction of the time of hard pipe armovers, FlexHead® systems are also manufactured from high quality stainless steel and engineered to quickly and cost effectively retrofit areas without sprinkler connections within industrial exhaust ducts, or commercial buildings and high rises.

Each FlexHead® sprinkler system is designed for its specific application. Installation generally takes a fraction of the time of traditional hard pipe sprinkler head installations. Maintenance, inspection, or sprinkler relocation is performed easily and safely in minutes without interfering with plant production or draining the fire protection water supply.

Factory Mutual Approved and UL Listed

All FlexHead® commercial products are Factory Mutual Approved and UL listed and manufactured in an FM/UL audited facility. All FlexHead® duct and cleanroom products are FM-approved and install out of the box.

Cost-Saving Pre-Assembly

Every sprinkler system is a finished, pre-constructed assembly, from 1″ pipe connector to the sprinkler head. This eliminates the need for on-site assembly. FlexHead® products are available in 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′ hose lengths, with a choice of UL listed or FM approved sprinkler heads.

Solid Construction

The FlexHead® unit comes complete with flexible hose and anchoring device. Our product is 100% factory tested solid construction and ready-to-install.

Unmatched Flexibility

FlexHead® sprinkler systems provide architects, engineers and end-users a degree of freedom impossible to achieve with traditional hard-piped assemblies. The flexible hose construction makes it easy to connect sprinkler assemblies to sprinkler submains. Installation time is reduced to a fraction of the time it takes to install hard pipe.

Cost Effective Code Compliance

The Commercial FlexHead® product allows for automatic sprinkler installation in areas of buildings previously without sprinklers. As compared to costly and labor intensive hard- pipe retrofits, this system installs in minutes even in the most restrictive spaces. Additionally, by utilizing the system in fast-track new construction applications, end users move into their space more quickly and you get on to the next project. End users also realize the design benefit of being able to relocate sprinklers according to code to accommodate changes in floor plan or occupancy.