Cleanroom Sprinkler ConnectionsFor over a decade, FlexHead® sprinkler systems have been protecting cleanrooms in places such as Taiwan, China, Singapore, Israel, Europe, and North and South America.

With over 100,000 sprinkler systems installed worldwide, FlexHead®’s product quality is matched by no other. Installed, our systems provide fire protection, contamination protection, and peace of mind.

FlexHead® Industries’ all stainless-steel, one-piece system is leak-tested, and available cleaned and polybagged prior to shipping. The 100% stainless-steel construction requires no painting or epoxy coating—eliminating the danger of paint particulates being released during installation or relocation. Designed to work with any major manufacturer’s ceiling grid, FlexHead® sprinkler systems provide maximum protection against fire, leaks, and contamination due to particulate discharge. Each FM approved, ready-to-install system comes complete with a flexible stainless-steel hose, one-piece stainless-steel sprinkler drop with O-ring seal and grid attachment, and is available with or without an FM-approved sprinkler head. But here’s the best part: Initial installation cost of a FlexHead® system is less than the alternative choices, and the ongoing cost of ownership is significantly less as well.

Simple Installation, Easy Relocation, Faster Cleanroom Certification
With no required in-field assembly, each one-piece system installs in about 10 minutes. It’s a simple matter of connecting to the sprinkler main, inserting the one-piece, stainless-steel sprinkler drop with O-ring seal through the ceiling grid and securely fastening it down. Uniform, ultraclean grid penetration eliminates the need for escutcheons. In service, the flexible connection between the sprinkler main and ceiling grid dissipates any vibration, so gel seals remain intact, even in seismically active areas.

Because installation takes a fraction of the time of hard-pipe systems, cleanrooms can be certified and online faster—a critical factor in getting your cleanroom up and running. And unlike traditional hard-pipe methods, relocation of Flexhead units can occur without the need to shut down and drain the entire fire sprinkler system, or to worry about the particulate contamination caused when hard-pipe systems are disassembled. This means there is virtually no downtime while sprinkler heads are moved to accommodate new tool or floor-plan reconfiguration.

  • FM-approved right out of the box. Meets all insurance requirements
  • Leak-tested assembly installs in a fraction of hard-pipe installation time—accelerating clean-room certification and operational readiness
  • Allows quick and easy relocation when floor plan changes due to reconfiguration of tool layout
  • Pre-cleaned and sealed for shipping. All stainless- steel construction means no particulation into cleanroom, and eliminates epoxy painting of sprinkler pipes
  • Allows for independent motion (sway) between ceiling grid and water main to accommodate filter vibration and during possible seismic activity— eliminating potential leaks and protecting gel seals
  • Eliminates ceiling stress/leaks due to mis-aligned hard-pipe installation
  • Uniform sprinkler-head protrusion through grid and stainless-steel construction eliminate the need for unsightly escutcheons


Friction Loss Data for Cleanrooms

FlexHead Model #Orifice Size inHose Assembly Length ft (m)Equiv Length of 1" Sch 40 Pipe ft (m)Max Rated Pressure psi (kPa)
* 1 inch nominal diameter flexible metal sprinkler hose for providing a connection to automatic sprinklers in cleanroom ceilings. “X” represents the ceiling grid manufacturer FlexHead manufactures sprinkler systems compatible with all major cleanroom ceiling grids.
CRX 00361/2in3ft (0.9m)15.1ft (4.6m)175(1205)
CRX 00721/2in6ft (1.8m)27.5ft (8.4m)175(1205)

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