Drop Nipple Model in Application

The FlexHead® Drop Nipple Model uses traditional Unistrut® to secure the FlexHead® sprinkler hose to the building structure. The flexible hose is attached to a drop nipple with reducer during final fit-up and is also compatible with adjustable drop nipples. This model is perfect for applications where you have a concrete deck above the ceiling that can be used to secure the flexible hose to the building structure. This configuration allows the installer to attach the Unistrut® in the general location of the sprinkler head during the rough installation.

Drop Nipple Model Only

The Unistrut® is initially attached to the building structure on one side and can be rotated 360 degrees while the flexible hose can be adjusted along the length of the Unistrut® to get perfect sprinkler head placement without any reconfiguration of sprinkler piping. These models are designed for use in commercial suspended ceilings and Sheetrock ceilings.


  • FlexHead® sprinkler hose: 304 stainless steel
  • Unistrut® with pipe clamp (not included)
  • Drop nipple with reducer (not included)
    (also compatible with adjustable drop nipples)


Friction Loss Data for Drop Nipple Model

FlexHead® Model #Outlet Size in (cm)Hose Assembly Length ft (m)Equiv Length of Sch 40, Nom 1 in. Diam Pipe ft (m)Max Ambient Temp Rating F ©Max Rated Pressure psi (kPa)k-FactorMin Bend Radius in (mm)# of Bends
* The “IE-G” indicates a “low profile” elbow unit welded on the end of the hose. This model will have a 1 inch female outlet. Approval of these models of flexible metal sprinkler hose incorporates a stainless steel elbow welded on the outlet end of the hose and with Unistrut® channel and pipe clamp is limited to securing these models to the building structure. These models are for use in commercial suspended ceilings (Tbar Grid) and Sheetrock suspended ceilings.
* Equivalent length numbers include maximum “K” factor for sprinkler head that is listed.
2024-IE-G1(2.54)2(0.6)10.7 (3.4)300º(148º)175(1205)22.47 (180)1
2036-IE-G1(2.54)3(0.9)15.1 (4.6)300º(148º)175(1205)22.47 (180)2
2048-IE-G1(2.54)4(1.2)21.5 (6.5)300º(148º)175(1205)22.47 (180)3
2060-IE-G1(2.54)5(1.5)25.3 (7.7)300º(148º)175(1205)22.47 (180)3
2072-IE-G1(2.54)6(1.8)26.9 (8.1)300º(148º)175(1205)22.47 (180)4