Low Profile Model for Unistrut in Application

The FlexHead® Low-Profile Model uses traditional Unistrut® Channel to secure the FlexHead® sprinkler hose to the building structure. This model is perfect for applications where you have very limited space and a concrete deck above the ceiling that can be used to secure the flexible hose to the building structure. This configuration allows the installer to attach the Unistrut® Channel in the general location of the sprinkler head and adjust it later once the final fit-up is ready to be completed.

Low Profile (model only)

The Unistrut® Channel is initially attached to the building structure on one side and can be rotated 360 degrees while the flexible hose can be adjusted along the length of the Unistrut® Channel to get perfect head placement without any reconfiguration of sprinkler piping. These models are designed for use in commercial suspended ceilings and Sheetrock ceilings having very limited space ranging from 21⁄2 inches to 6 inches from the concrete deck of the ceiling.

  • FlexHead® sprinkler hose: 304 stainless steel
  • Unistrut® channel with pipe clamp (not included)


Friction Loss Data - Low Profile Model

FlexHead® Model #Outlet Size in (cm)Max k-FactorHose Assembly Length ft (m)# BendsBend Radius (in)Equiv Length of Sch 40, Nom 1 in Diameter Pipe ft (m)Max Ambiet Temp Rating F ( C )Max Rated Pressure psi (kPa)
* The “IE LP” indicates a “low profile” elbow unit welded on the end of the hose. Approval of these models of flexible metal sprinkler hose incorporates a stainless steel elbow welded on the outlet end of the hose and with Unistrut®® Channel and pipe clamp is limited to securing these models to the building structure. These models are for use in commercial suspended ceiling (T Bar Grid) and Sheetrock suspended ceiling with very limited room between floors. Equivalent length numbers include maximum “k” factor for sprinkler head that is listed.
2024IE-LP1/2(1.27)5.62 (0.6)1726.4(8.0)300°(148°)175(1205)
2036IE-LP1/2(1.27)5.63 (0.9)2730.1(9.1)300°(148°)175(1205)
2048IE-LP1/2(1.27)5.64 (1.2)3733.8(10.3)300°(148°)175(1205)
2060IE-LP1/2(1.27)5.65 (1.5)3737.5(11.4)300°(148°)175(1205)
2072IE-LP1/2(1.27)5.66 (1.8)4741.2(12.5)300°(148°)175(1205)
2024IE-LP 753/4(1.90)142 (0.6)1714.7(4.5)300°(148°)175(1205)
2036IE-LP 753/4(1.90)143 (0.9)2721.8(6.6)300°(148°)175(1205)
2048IE-LP 753/4(1.90)144 (1.2)3729(8.8)300°(148°)175(1205)
2060IE-LP 753/4(1.90)145 (1.5)3736.1(11.0)300°(148°)175(1205)
2072IE-LP 753/4(1.90)146 (1.8)4743.2(13.1)300°(148°)