Flexible Sprinklers

Open Hub is now offered domestically, upon request!


  • Fully assembled out of the box for ease of installation
  • No loose parts
  • Allows the sprinkler head to be installed prior to bracket installation
  • Optional factory installed sprinkler head
  • Compatible with any sprinkler head on the market
  • Stable 6” width mounting bracket
  • Hoses available in 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” lengths

FlexHead® mounting bracket with built-in safety feature

The FlexHead® mounting bracket has a built-in safety feature that allows the mounting bracket to stay securely attached to the suspended ceiling T-bar without positive attachment to the T-bar with screws. Factory Mutual has tested and approved the FlexHead® mounting bracket to be snapped onto the ceiling T-bar without positive attachment to the T-bar. (Screws securing mounting bracket are required for UL installation).

Other flexible fire sprinkler mounting brackets have no built-in safety feature

The mounting brackets for other flexible fire sprinkler fittings just sit on the top of the suspended ceiling T-bar without a secure connection. They lack a built-in safety feature and must have screws properly installed to attach to the suspended ceiling T-bar to secure it. If the screws are not attached properly there would be a potential failure of the sprinkler system.

FlexHead® hose has the fewest potential leak joints

The FlexHead® hose is the only flexible that has fully welded construction and whose hose is completely leak tested before shipment. Other flexibles cannot make this claim. No leaks on the job site save time and money.

FlexHead® does not have “O” rings, rubber or gaskets

The FlexHead® hose does not contain gaskets, rubber or “O” rings. Other flexibles do have “O” rings, rubber and/or gaskets.

FlexHead® hose is manufactured out of 100% corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel

Other flexibles have hoses that have a combination of metals and are manufactured out of stainless steel and zinc plated steel.

FlexHead® quicker installation

FlexHead® has fewer installation steps compared to other flexible fire sprinkler fittings. Other flexible hoses must have the drops at end of their hoses tightened to specific torques per their installation instructions. Not required by FlexHead® since drops are welded on FlexHead® hose.