Institutional Sprinkler ModelThe FlexHead® Institutional Sprinkler Connection uses our UH-1 Bracket (retaining flange) to secure the flexible sprinkler hose to the concrete wall or ceiling.

These connections have been specifically designed for use in institutional mental health occupancies, correctional facilities, or anywhere a likelihood of tampering with fire sprinklers by the occupants may exist.

The institutional sprinkler connection consists of a flexible hose in lengths from 2-6 feet and a retaining flange; and is approved for use with pendant or sidewall institutional sprinkler heads. These connections are designed to be installed in concrete wall or ceiling penetrations using institutional sprinkler heads. They are compatible with any institutional sprinkler head on the market.

  • FlexHead® institutional sprinkler hose: 304 stainless steel
  • UH-1 bracket (retaining flange): G90 galvanized steel


Friction Loss for Institutional Sprinkler Connections

FlexHead Model #Outlet Size in (cm)Hose Assembly Length ft (cm)FM Bend RadiusUL Bend RadiusEquiv Length of Sch 40, Nom 1 in, Diameter Pipe ft (m)Max # of 90-Degree BendsMax Ambient Temp RatingMax K FactorMax Rated Pressure
* The “I” indicates an “Institutional” flexible hose with a pressure rating of 175 psi (1205 kPa). Approval of these models of flexible metal sprinkler hose is limited for use with pendant and horizontal sidewall applications with a UH-1 ceiling/wall bracket manufactured by FlexHead Industries, Inc. The FlexHead bracket, UH-1 (Universal Hub), is a one piece unit.
ininFMULFMULF ( C )psi (kPa)
2024I1/2 (1.27)2 (0.6)8318.4 (5.6)1113300º (148º)5.6175 (1205)
2036I1/2 (1.27)3 (0.9)8326.6 (8.1)1623300º (148º)5.6175 (1205)
2048I1/2 (1.27)4 (1.2)8330.3 (9.2)2434300º (148º)5.6175 (1205)
2060I1/2 (1.27)5 (1.5)8335.8 (10.9)2944300º (148º)5.6175 (1205)
2072I1/2 (1.27)6 (1.8)8345.6 (13.9)3544300º (148º)5.6175 (1205)
2024I3/4 (1.91)2 (0.6)8311.6 (3.5)1213300º (148º)14.0175 (1205)
2036I3/4 (1.91)3 (0.9)8316 (4.9)1823300º (148º)14.0175 (1205)
2048I3/4 (1.91)4 (1.2)8317.9 (5.4)2334300º (148º)14.0175 (1205)
2060I3/4 (1.91)5 (1.5)8324.7 (7.5)2944300º (148º)14.0175 (1205)
2072I3/4 (1.91)6 (1.8)8328.9 (8.8)3244300º (148º)14.0175 (1205)

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