14 Oct 2015

FlexHead® Industries has developed a new flexible stainless steel hose and mounting system for fire sprinkler systems that is designed specifically for cold storage and freezer applications.

The new FlexHead® product, DPS-UHO-1 provides the installer, the fire sprinkler contractor, a Factory Mutual (FM) approved system that provides a quick economical installation saving time and money. This system is suitable for wet sprinkler systems and is installed with a dry pendant sprinkler head. The FlexHead® UHO-1 system is FM approved to be installed with multiple dry pendant sprinkler manufacturers: Reliable Sprinkler, Tyco, Globe Sprinkler and Viking.

Besides offering a quick efficient installation, the FlexHead® DPS-UHO-1 system allows the fire sprinkler system installer the option of ordering the most cost effective length of dry pendant sprinklers which reduces inventory costs for the sprinkler contractor, speeds installation, increases productivity, and is very economical.

The fire sprinkler system installers are no longer restricted to the fixed lengths of black steel pipe during the final connection to the freezer but have the option of installing a flexible stainless steel hose that is available up to 6’ in length.

In a typical cold storage/freezer installation the dry pendant sprinkler head is fixed and stationary, if there is any movement on top of the cooler/freezer (maintenance workers) the seal between the cooler/freezer and the dry pendant sprinkler head can be broken potentially damaging the dry pendant sprinkler head by allowing ice buildup on the sprinkler head making it inoperable. With the FlexHead® DPS-UHO-1 system the dry pipe pendant sprinkler moves and flexes with the structure and the seal stays intact protecting the integrity of the dry pendant sprinkler head.